reliza b (drunknfuckedup) wrote in subculturespice,
reliza b


okay this community is dead but since a bunch of you live in chicago:

i'm stuck in glen ellyn (it's by lombard i think?) for a while. i really want to go see interpol in milwaukee on march 13 (sunday) but i don't have a car and the train is like $20. so, if any of you are planning on going or would like to go, in exchange for a ride in your car i will give you (and a friend if you want to bring one) a guestlist spot and a backstage pass. (backstage pass = tons of free liquor and food and cigarettes and other goodies.) so, uh, if you want to hang out with interpol in milwaukee, let me know.

(sorry this is so lame guys, but being in the midwest without a car sucks)

here is a picture of me:
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